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Colin McNamara
Web Developer



Hello, World! My name is Colin McNamara and you are looking at version 2 of my first website.

Professionally, I am an ex-investment analyst on his path to becoming a web developer. I love learning and the practice of building something that people can see and interact with.

I am inspired by the work and writings of people like Tim Ferriss (4HWW Blog) and Paul Graham (PG's Essays) and admire from afar the work of companies like Google, SpaceX, and many others. I am addicted to Evernote and MyFitnessPal and don't go anywhere without my Fitbit Charge HR.

Right now, I am in "build mode" and am looking to build my portfolio in any way that I can. I am entirely self-taught and am utilizing a number of DIY sources including: Coursera, Zed Shaw's Learn Ruby the Hard Way, Michael Hartl's Ruby on Rails Tutorial, Free Code Camp, and many others!

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